We met at work - An ad network on 23rd and Madison in NYC. We had similar upbringings although we were pretty detached from them when we met. Waldorf education and anthroposophic philosophies were not inline with our 24 year old selves.

Now we pick grapes, move wine, and bottle based on moon cycles. Our Mom’s are so proud.


Catch & Release Wines

I’m Beno, I make the wine. This is Monica, she is all things aesthetic, and filters out all my bad ideas. Rush & Chase are our dear friends who helped us shoot all of these great photos.

The approach to Catch & Release is simple. Source the best fruit possible and let it do the heavy lifting. We do not course correct in the cellar so fruit quality is paramount.

The wines are delicate - Less extraction, gentle pressing and a general philosophy that less is more. It’s all in the details.

If you're interested, we'd love to tell you all about said details -




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