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100% Chardonnay | 190 cases produced

Clone 4 Chardonnay from Mendocino is sent direct to dress where it settles for 48 hours and then is moved to neutral oak barrels for primary & secondary fermentation. The wine is then racked, and returned to neutral oak where it ages for 8 months before being bottled unfiltered. As is this case with all of our wines, the wine was fermented with 100% ambient/native yeast and the only additive used was S02.

The vineyard sits right off River Road in Ukiah where the August afternoons can push up to 100 degrees. Generally speaking, Chardonnay does not love the heat, but this combination of soil, clone, and canopy management allows the vines to maintain their acidity up until Labor Day and sometimes later.

Bottled unfined, unfiltered.

  • Pairing

    Roasted eggplant, Chicken kebab, Gruyère

  • Serving

    45-50 degrees.
    No decant necessary, but it will not hurt the wine if you choose to.

  • Drinking Window

    Now - 2035.
    This wine will continue to pick up notes of matchstick, and graphite, while the fruit elements slowly integrate. The acid profile is that of a 20 year wine.

We love Chardonnay

With this wine, we set out to showcase the other, lesser known rendition of Chardonnay. The low alcohol, high acid, bottle aged rendition. We are certainly not the first, or the last to look to capture this style, but we think we’re onto something…